Palm Springs, Boyhood & More! | Gabbing About Movies | Episode 20


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YAP - Yet Another Podcast


Sorry for the delay, burn out is a real thing. Hope you all are well and thank you for taking the time to listen to us talk movies and TV. Things a bit different this episode, be sure to say what you think of the more laid-back style. Timestamps below.   Dark: 1:01   Close Enough: 2:48   Fargo: 7:04   Ali G, Borat & Bruno: 7:56   Palm Springs: 11:06   The Pianist: 16:55   But I'm A Cheerleader: 19:10   Hidden Life: 30:26   My Neighbour Totoro: 32:58   Singin' in the Rain: 37:53   Beastie Boys Story: 49:31   King of Statin Island: 50:02   Coming To America: 52:03   Lance: 54:37   The Gentlemen: 55:39   Inception/Intersteller: 56:45   Lord of The Rings Trilogy: 57:44   Boyhood: 1:04:08   Jonas and his new TV gig: 1:18:42   Face value review of Robocop (Original) to tease our review next episode: 1:21:12   Hip Hop Evolution: 1:22:42   The King of Comedy: 1:24:50   Bad Trip: 1:27:52   Legalize Everything: 1:30:04   Jonas has Robocop (1987) to watch for the next episode while Antonio has Mulholland Drive (2001) to watch. Thanks for listening, hope to see ya around these parts again soon.    Our Letterboxd accounts (Written reviews about movies an' ting):Antonio: