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As we shiver in anticipation of the dreaded SECOND WAVE Cal and MD discuss the important things like HILLBILLY TERRORISTS, ROBOT DOGS, KILLER AI, CHADWICK BOSEMAN, NAMOR, Michael Jai White and why black actors could be big box office draws but aren't allowed to be, America's Dick, Trump's America, The Proud Boys hashtag gets corrupted by George Takei, Jerry Falwell Jnr. is a bad boy, THE BOYS SEASON 2, PERRY MASON, Tatiana Maslany - is she Hulk or is she ain't SHE-HULK? We look forward to season 2 of THE MADALORIAN and, of course, what would an episode of BALLOON JUICE be without a rant about MILLIE BOBBIE BROWN? (You guessed it, we review ENOLA HOLMES). It's a parade of pop culture from a uniquely Canadian perspective! --- Send in a voice message: