Part 2 - Season 5 Making a Marketer Kick-Off - Season 4 Reunion


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Making a Marketer


Our FIFTH season is officially ON. We're continuing the reunion tradition with part two of our season five kick-off with this one. The funniest and "not approved for public consumption" stuff went on behind the scenes while we had some technical difficulties, and it's chock-full of great nuggets from every guest! "Quotables" as Jen says. In this second part we have brought together (10 people!) Rob & Kennedy, Dennis Wakabayashi, Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpe, Chris Craft, Nathalie Gregg, Alexis Heinrich, Melissa Majors, Judi Fox, and Gary Ware! We check in to recap their episode and have them answer "one big question"... This time: "What is the biggest business lesson you've learned through this (ongoing) pandemic that will help you (and our listeners) forevermore?"  The result is a very insightful and lively conversation! GUESTS & their episodes from season four: Rob & Kennedy - Mastering Email Marketing, Ep. 66 Dennis Wakabayashi - TikTok - Top Platform Worldwide - Ep. 79 Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpe - How a Marketer Turned Tragedy Into Triumph - Ep. 83 Chris Craft - Crafting Creative Copy Writing - Ep. 67 Nathalie Gregg - The Power of Twitter Chats - Ep. 62 Alexa Heinrich - Absolutely Accessible Marketing - Ep. 75 Melissa Majors - Inclusivity as a Business Advantage - Ep. 84 Gary Ware - Transforming Culture - Ep. 59 Judi Fox - Captivating Clubhouse - Ep. 80   We are "Making a Marketer"... in all ways. Check out episode 87 -- and please take a minute to follow, rate, & review us on iTunes & get each ep. when it drops! ::: This episode is made possible by Powers of Marketing - emPOWERing strategic communication ::: ** Our show music is provided by our GIFTED editor, MUSICIAN, Avri. Check out his song, "Too Close"! **