Past Life Regression, Spiritual Depression and the Current Energetics (LUNAR ECLIPSE COMING)


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Religion & Spirituality MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT:  I now have a youtube channel so that you can "watch" the podcast.  Here is the link to today's episode.  PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL! (PRETTY PLEASE) Sometimes I do need a little encouragement and I would love to be able to see your comments and questions. Link to today's episode: Dinah Lee TV or copy and paste this link:   Hi everyone! In today's episode I interview my friend Amanda Shertzer who is a certified hypnotist who specializes in past life regression. We discuss the current energetics and especially what's been transpiring since the total solar eclipse last August.  We also touch on the upcoming total lunar eclipse and the numerology connection with the numerology of the current year.   This episode is LONG.  We sort of drifted down the rabbit hole, one of my favorite things to do. :) To schedule a life between life reading (includes a past life regression session) with Amanda, go to: Order the two hour reading and get 25% off when you mention this podcast.       I'm going to be posting a lot of extra content on the youtube channel because I have access to visual tools to help demonstrate some of what I discuss.   Love, Dinah Lee