Pat McGowan - BlackBox Global One Year Later (240)


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Artful Camera


Pat McGowan - CEO and Founder of BlackBox Global. In this special edition of the Artful Camera, I revisit a topic that was first presented here in episode #224 in May of 2017 - the idea of using an aggregator to submit stock video to other agencies. In that episode I spoke (rather skeptically I admit) to Founder and CEO of BlackBox Global - Pat McGowan. In September of this year (2018) BlackBox posted a record month in sales, and recently onboarded over 28,000 creators. BlackBox is now the largest contributor to the Big 4 Agencies: Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Pond 5, and Story Blocks. With claims like that I felt it was time to talk with Pat again about BlackBox. In this episode you are going to hear that BlackBox is much much more than an aggregator of stock video. As creators, I think we get it, the gig economy can be a tough source of income (or lack thereof). Diversifying revenue sources is a protection to creators. BlackBox provides an inventive way for creators to realize more profits from doing the thing they love. BlackBox provides a strong community for creators, and a platform for close collaborations among other creators. That’s what this conversation today with Pat McGowan of BlackBox Global is all about. Pat’s production company routinely did million dollar jobs with a team of 40 people and high end video production gear. But all that dried up overnight. BlackBox is the result of that sudden downturn. Pat is determined that creators have other means to profit from doing the thing they love. Signup with BlackBox at no cost here (affiliate link): Visit the Artful Camera's home on my website: