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Paytm SBI Card and Paytm SBI Card Select are two credit cards that SBI Card has created in partnership with Paytm. In exchange for a higher annual charge, the "Select" variant provides stronger benefits than the "Regular" variant. Along with up to 5% cashback on Paytm purchases, you will receive flat cashback of 1% on all expenditures. Additionally, the card provides Cyber Fraud Insurance and Priority Pass Membership, which are often unavailable with other e-commerce co-branded cards like ICICI Amazon Pay and Flipkart Axis Bank Card. Continue reading to learn more about Paytm SBI Card Select's features and how to take use of them.

Advantages of Paytm SBI Card SELECT

  • Get 5% cashback on all Paytm app-enabled movie, travel, and mall purchases.
  • 2% cashback is offered on every additional Paytm app purchases.
  • For using the card elsewhere, you receive 1% cashback.
  • 2 lakh rupees in cyber fraud insurance coverage.
  • Visit four domestic airport lounges each year (1 per quarter).
  • Free priority pass for the first two years of cardholder membership, valued at $99 USD.

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