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Pen Fights Gamepad


Donald Conrad of and Dan Absalonson of talk about video games, writing, being husbands with awesome wifes and fathers of many young children, what life is like as dads and lots of other stuff.Topics covered in this show:- We're back! And now we have a dot com! Our website is now We got featured on the ComixBox for our latest talk on comic books and superheroes. Link: Dan Needs To Watch or Read- Dan finished Kick Ass- Dan is over halfway through The Dark Knight Returns- GlowPuff games is making a new game starring our very own Donald Conrad! Donald watched the movie Transformers Dark of the Moon and hated it.- Donald watched the movie Chronicle and loved it.- Creatives making better stuff with restraints like a small budget- Star Wars original trilogy VS newer trilogy.- Darth Vader being a Jack Ass. Link: The Notebook re-cut as a Horror movie trailer (There are many, YouTube it)- Flashpoint (One of Dan's favorite shows on Netflix)- 24 the TV show, and Jack Bauer- Donald is playing Duke Nukem Forever and he's not happy about it- Donald updates us on Did Not Finish - Call of Duty Classic- Ouya game system and their Kickstarterlink: Email received from James - "Why do you talk about writing? Shouldn’t you talk more about games on the podcast?” The hosts respond.- Hosts talk about Dan’s novel and recent blog post about it: David Farland and his "Daily Kick" writing advice, Donald sticks it to Dan with some great feedback on his novel, and questions about why certain scenes are characters are they way they are- Dan shares some advice from Stephen King's book "On Writing" and how he should use the advice himself- Donald shares more ideas for improving Dan's book- Dan's web comic has published works by Dan available in audio and eBooks most for free- Donald’s Graphic Novel- Dan recommends an epic fantasy trilogy of novels by Michael J. Sullivan - Theft of Swords Game of Thrones Show and BooksWebsite for this podcast: http://www.PenFightsGamepad.comDan's Websites:http://www.DanDanTheArtMan.com's Website:http://www.did-not-finish.com the .mp3