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Pen Fights Gamepad


Donald Conrad of and Dan Absalonson of talk about video games, writing, being husbands with awesome wifes and fathers of many young children, what life is like as dads and lots of other stuff. Topics covered in this show:Batman The Dark Knight RisesThe Hobbit being made into three movies?Star Wars Christmas SpecialDan liked King Kong by Peter Jackson? Donald did not. Peter Jackson wants to be like Twilight and make several movies from one book?Dan's review of the first Twilight book: first Underworld movie and how it was good a vampire flick3D being overdone in moviesDan pines for Original Star Wars trilogy, Donald has a copy on VHSHear Donald talk like Bane from Batman The Dark Knight Rises!Bane and how his mouth is covered, acting, speakingCatwoman in The Dark Knight RisesThe Man of Steel trailerListen to the guys watch the trailer and comment then discuss:Talk about the darker new direction that is hinted at.Is this the “Nolaning” of the Superman franchise?Are they trying to make Superman fit into the grittier Batman univers?Will JLA be better as a darker more serious film?G.I. Joe the movieAnimated movies being better than the live action, Star Wars: Clone WarsTotal Recall reboot - Dan hasn't seen the original, added to his listSuperman teaser trailer left us wonderingSNL skit of Superman where everyone knows who he isThings We Need To Watch or Read list is visited 1. Dan recommends a book to Donald: John Cleaver trilogy Dan finished the comic The Dark Knight ReturnsMaking an Animated version of The Dark Knight ReturnsBatman The Animated Series and their voice actors doing a trailer for the new Batman live actionBatman Arkham City Asylum game - Dan needs to play it3. Dan saw Captain AmericaTron Legacy, and Dan hasn't seen the original Tron4: Donald is enjoying a TV show "Breakout Kings" on Netflix. World may have stopped turnning for a moment.Dan remixed some music for a Glowpuff video game "Carnival Carnage" (the one starring Donald)Live play the Beta build of Carnival Carnage (because I have it!)Donald plays it live on the showDNF updateFinished Duke Nukem Forever - I have some thoughtsExpendables 2 game - I got it for free in a strange wayPatapon 2 - Best game ever?Dan was on The Roundtable Podcast www.roundtablepodcast.comDan gives a short reading from his Sci-Fi novel of the scene where Quickstar leaves his Captain dead or alive.See more by this artist Zzenya Thompson here: the .mp3