Pen Fights Gamepad | Episode 08


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Pen Fights Gamepad


Donald Conrad of and Dan Absalonson of talk about video games, writing, being husbands with awesome wifes and fathers of many young children, what life is like as dads and lots of other stuff. Topics covered in this show:What we've been up toDDTAM-Stuffed Monster Experiment: The Ghost of Meadowhill research on Napa schoolDNF-Xbox Glold is pissing me off. PS+ is making me happyBorderlands 2 excitementAssassinâs Creed RevelationsFinal Fantasy Tactics: The War of the LionsDouble DragonRaptr.comDanger Joe video gameAssasin's Creed for KinectZombie CarnivalPositive reviewsTruth about ZombiesPraiseOriginal idea VS current IdeaWe're Alive Donald am now listening in real time :(Walking Dead Episode 3Guess what? Things got rewardsDownload the .mp3