Pen Fights Gamepad | Episode 09


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Pen Fights Gamepad


Download the .mp3Donald Conrad of and Dan Absalonson of talk about video games, writing, being husbands with awesome wifes and fathers of many young children, what life is like as dads and lots of other stuff. Some of the Topics covered in this show:What We’ve Been Up ToAdded a Facebook “Like” button to the posts of websiteDan and his wife are doing Foster CareWe’re On Stitcher! - Read Example 1 and Additional InfoDonald generously gave Dan TorchlightMetriod Prime gamesDNF - I am playing Double Dragon Neon and enjoying it?Tokyo Jungle is amazing!Borderlands 2 is Amazingerestheyash.comextralife.orgDan is playing New Super Mario Bros with his wife and loving it!DDTAM - “Stuffed Monster” available in audio Memories (ep 5 just went live)Dan has a story that is going to be published in an anthology by Five Rivers PublishingDan is going to submit to the Inlander Short Story Contest againWoolTreasure ParkThings We Need to Read, Watch, or PlayDan Added Assasin’s Creed because it’s on Steam for Mac -Donald is happy about this.Dan finished Batman: Private Casebook - great art, writing was decentGalaxy on Fire space game on iPod touch & iPadNew Game from Chris Roberts creator of Wing CommanderTrailer: Article:!!! Hates Games revisits Colony Wars and it reminds me of -Freelancer - the Chris Roberts game that Dan may not know about. - opeing cinimatic -!gameplay!Privateer Intro Video Part I Excuses 7:33 starts at: 14:06How Lost did it wrong from last episode with Michael and Walt