People Can Disappear!


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Yakuza Kick Radio


Check out this week's Yakuza Kick Radio! Topics include: -Fallout from the “TJ & Friends” burial —“His dad’s a ‘Joe Dirt’ replica” —“I’m not doing a ‘Go Fund Me.’ I’m doing a ‘Go Fu** Yourself’” —“Everybody knows I talk sh*t. If you’re not looking to hear that, then DON’T LISTEN!” -Thoughts on the “Tom & Jerry” movie -Home workout advice -Nick Gage: “I support the fu**in’ women!!” —“Who the fu*k is this kid’s parent getting a  Nick Gage fu**ing Cameo for their fu**ing birthday” -Pepe Le Pew gets cancelled —“I don’t think by any stretch of the imagination Looney Tunes was trying to teach kids to be rapists” —“Told ya we should have gotten rid of that cartoon. People been raping ever since!” -“Proud of ya there, Matt! You look like sh** though” -“I have so many more followers now that my t**s are bigger!”