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People Profits & Purpose Podcast with Nick Psaila


In today’s episode of People, Profits & Purpose Nick invites special guest, Rodd Sanchez, one of Australia’s most highly regarded Acupuncturists and Chinese Herbalists, to deconstruct the myths of non-Western medicine – what’s real, what works, and what doesn’t! If you’ve ever wondered how Chinese medicine can bring your body back into balance, this conversation is for you. Learn how to incorporate the holistic fundamentals of the ancients in this illuminating episode of “Coaching Conversations…. Time Code/Show Notes 0.22   Welcome to the show and intro. 2.35  Rodd Sanchez, an experienced Acupuncturist and Chinese          Herbalist shares his heritage story and early inspiration through  Martial Arts. Hear how this Chilean-born, trained Nurse returned to his first love – Acupuncture. 7.00  What is Acupuncture? Is it more than needles and pressure points? Rodd gives a succinct but passionate overview  of Acupuncture’s ancient techniques plus a brief  discussion of the pillars of healing Chinese Medicine including Herbs, Massage, Exercise Physiology et al 9.35  Have you had acupuncture? Nick shares his own personal experience of how Rodd Sanchez used acupuncture to treat facial Palsy.  10.25   Nick and Rodd discuss more success stories. In China, Rodd treated up to 100 people per day with Bells Palsy. He explains why acupuncture can also assist with the complexion and aspects of beauty. 13.10  Cosmetic Acupuncture? Would you do it? Some people call them Acupuncture Face-lifts but Rodd is quick to point out that these are not true face-lifts. You will, however, come away looking like you’ve had a holiday, all super relaxed! 14.35  What are the side effects of Acupuncture? Can you put up with added relaxation, calmness, better sleep, improved digestion?  Rodd says he can “centralize” patients and improve productivity as well as treat their original condition 16.45   What motivates Rodd in his business? Finding new skills and providing great service. Repeat. Plus diversify – in Rod’s case, this was Herbs. Do what you love and love what you do! 21.30  Regardless of modality, Nick believes caring for the patient is too often lost in today’s society. 22.20  Do you know what to look for in an alternate therapist? Rodd gives you inside tips on how to choose the right person for you. 26.20  What do you want to be remembered for? Rodd has his legacy all mapped out. And it’s very honest and inspirational. Teaching and sharing your knowledge is core to a good heart.      28.20  If you’re interested in finding out how Rod Sanchez can help you, type in Rodd with two ‘Ds”. – he is based at Sydney                          Acupuncture and Sutherland Acupuncture, but happy to talk wherever you live in Australia. EPISODE SUMMARY        What’s stopping you from putting ancient mind-body healing into practice? There is so much more to a healthy, balanced life and often you’ll find it outside the realms of white coat medicine. Take advice from Rodd. You must choose your therapist carefully. Make sure your practitioner is registered. Ensure they come from sound organizations. Call the person and see if they resonate with you. (You can vibe differently with people – and you deserve to connect with your care provider)   Well-being and preventative medicine is so important to balancing life and work.