Peter Sanderson: Comics' Archivist part 1 with Alex Grand & Jim Thompson


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Comic Book Historians


Alex Grand and Jim Thompson interview comic archivist, author, critic and historian, Peter Sanderson who was a regular contributer to Julius Schwartz' Flash Grams in the 1960s, to Omniverse with Mark Gruenwald, DC Universe's Who's Who making Crisis on Infinite Earth's possible with Marv Wolfman.  In the first of a two parter, he also discusses joining Marvel indexing and writing biographies and assessing strengths in the Handbook of the Marvel Universe, writing the Marvel Saga, the Wolverine Saga, and working under Jim Shooter and Tom DeFalco. Images used in artwork ©Their Respective Copyright holders, CBH Podcast ©Comic Book Historians. Thumbnail Artwork ©Comic Book Historians.Support the show (