Pilot Episode - Our fridge broke down during the pandemic and I freaked out!


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She Said He Said - an ADHD relationship


When he told me the fridge was not working anymore, I immediately felt a huge pressure fell on my shoulder.  My inner monologues said loudly in my head: "He is not going to take care of it! He has ADHD! Great, now it all has to be me!" We had a big fight. I made him promise he would fix it, but I knew he would leave tons of loose ends, and I have to do my usual tightening up work. I was right. He forgot to ask for receipts and warranty, and he didn't negotiate the price so we ended up paying more. I cried and we had another big fight! Afterwards, I remember he always tells me to seek solutions in a stressful situation. So I did. I had a light bulb moment and I said: hey let's do a Podcast!  I have been struggling with living with his ADHD for years now, I have so many stories, emotions, strategies, and I have a lot to say! So here it is, our first Pilot Episode is born!