PPP Podcast 21: Better Late than Never


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Pension Plan Puppets Podcast


We're back! And maybe someday even on a consistent and regular basis! We're so damn enigmatic but hopefully when we do show up, we do bring our best. Today's podcast, while old, still holds up on the topics that we discussed which are (in no particular order so drumroll please): How hard it is to take Dion Phaneuf seriously with his funny voice. That one hit a little close to home The Leafs motto and the Raptors Talking about Jonathan Bernier and James Reimer Carlyle's brilliant coaching where a win means that the team worked hard and a loss means that the team needs to work harder. That guys in the NHL that are on the bubble obviously work hard The team's defensive woes in the context of how difficult it is for elite players such as a former Norris Trophy winner to teach The need to adapt as a coach The Leafs' peers historically possession and shots against-wise and how frustrating it is that the talent level on this team isn't translating into results on the ice The downfall of being a smartass when discussing: would you rather the Leafs win or would you rather be right The David Clarkson contract debacle and how Clarkson isn't Tucker and musing about how the Leafs can possibly say that Clarkson wasn't brought in to score goals The whole Steve Simmons e-mail hilarity which was recent Good media guys. It's true, they exist A fun little tidbit about friend of the blog Eric Tulsky and his restraint when dealing with trolls The Dez Bryant debacle and how he was initially ripped to shreds for being a bad teammate and how the audio revealed the exact opposite. It just highlighted how hard it is to know anything about what happens with the players and how it applies to Phil Kessel on 24/7 as well as how it relates to Kadri's season, his grandfather's illness, and statistical analysis in general. Favourite scenes of 24/7 thus far which came before "David Clarkson: Defender of Water Bottles" and "Good One Randy! Good One!" How much fun it was to hear Sidney Crosby and Dion Phaneuf talking to the refs and other behind the scenes audio The Leafs' slump and how they survived and how their January might go (not that bad after all!) The Leafs meltdown and the Bruins meltdown and how the former affected the Leafs Musical Interludes Aloe Blacc - Loving You Is Killing Me John Hiatt - I Don't Even Try Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor Bill Morrissey - Barstow Todd Snider - Statistician's Blues Joe Henry - The Man I Keep Hid Steely Dan - Hey Nineteen Dinosaur Jr - Feel The Pain