078: Praveen Velu – CEO of AI Powered Assistant EVIE


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Asia Tech Podcast: Artificial Intelligence Show


Podcast highlights: How do AI powered scheduling assistants like Evie work? Do people become emotionally attached to artificially intelligent agents? Is that anthropomorphism or is it a genuine sign of intelligence? What future opportunities can a scheduling assistant provide for its developer? Now that you have mastered a narrow-band remit of commands and outputs where could you take that domain knowledge to? Podcast notes: If you ever ask my next guest Are you free to catch up Next Wednesday?  You may find his Personal Assistant EVIE step in and arrange that schedule with you. What you may not know is that EVIE isn’t a real person but an AI Personal Assistant, and it’s pretty impressive too… I’m an AI graduate so I’m pretty aware of most AI-looking things from chatbots to the Turing Test… but the first time I interacted with Evie, I thought she was a real person, it was that good… So, to lift the lid on the life of his assistant, I’m joined today in the ATP Stories studio by Praveen Velu, Co-Founder of Evie.AI to talk about AI and what he’s learned building an AI startup in Singapore.