Pre-Marriage Conversations about $, Packs of Wedding Rings on Amazon and Convo with Swell Advisors


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Budgeting Redefined


Drew and Dan talk with, friend of the podcast, Jessica Steele. In this episode, their conversation is spurned by the article, “7 Must-Have Money Conversations You Need to Have Before Getting Hitched,” which was published on the website WalletJoy. Drew and Dan also talk with Sandra Merrill and Chris Zimmermann of Swell Advisors. They discuss their trip around the world (on a budget) and the lessons they learned while on that journey. Then Drew, Dan, and Jessica round out the episode for a rousing round of “Why’d You Buy That.” If you would like to give us your input, have any comments, or questions, email us at Talking Points: 7 Must-Have Money Conversations You Need to Have Before Getting Hitched Money mindsets and beliefs Start-up versus merger Financial backgrounds Life and financial goals Debts and credit history Spending and saving habits Managing money together Split savings/assets during divorce Bad ex-boyfriends stealing money Keeping your identity and a discretionary account Financial obligations Sandra and Chris on their eye-opening journey Open communication Aligning financial values Money mindsets and life priorities The idea of a breadwinner versus a partnership Business versus personal financial mindsets Budgeting for a long voyage or trip Different ways of life and the American dream Sustainability The story behind the name Swell Advisors Why’d You Buy That? Jessica “When are we going to stop this? Cause we could go back to doing it ourselves.” Drew “There is seemingly no end to what they’ll advertise to the kids.” Dan “I bought a pack of wedding rings on Amazon.” Resources/Links: Wallet Joy, “7 Must-Have Money Conversations You Need to Have Before Getting Hitched” by Elyssa Kirkham The Steele Maiden Blog Swell Advisors Swell Advisors, Facebook Swell Advisors, Instagram Weekly Budgeting App