Preston So: Omnichannel Strategy and Voice Usability – Episode 105


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Preston So Preston So is an expert in both omnichannel strategy and voice design, as well as a number of other digital business and design practices. As communications channels proliferate and the variety of digital devices grows, we need strategies to give our customers and users a consistent experience, no matter where they are or how they are consuming our content. Preston weaves together elements of omnichannel strategy, voice usability, and other modern digital practices into an "immersive content strategy" that can help you craft content programs that address these new challenges. We talked about: his new book, Voice Content and Usability, his product work at Oracle, and Decoupled Days, an event he organizes "immersive content strategy" - a way to deal with both channel explosion and the need for a central content repository to execute your omnichannel strategy the proliferation of devices and the implications for omnichannel strategy the importance of providing a consistent content experience across all devices and channels a pragmatic approach to single-sourcing content that arose in a project he did with the US state of Georgia the difference in mental models between content that is presented on a website vs. content that is delivered via a voice interface the implications of omnichannel delivery for your information architecture the benefits to analytics, benchmarking, and metrics of sourcing all of your content from a single CMS the use of "dialogue traversal testing" (DTT) in conversational design one of the huge differences between web and voice navigation: the lack of menus in voice interfaces the importance of a comprehensive omnichannel content audit that evaluates all of the possible contexts in which your content may be presented, and that also considers both the discoverability and the legibility of the content in each the generic navigational benefits of voice interfaces over web interfaces the opportunity that voice interfaces give us to return to more natural human communications methods the importance of "letting our users see themselves in the voice interfaces that we build and the content that we deliver to them" Preston's bio Preston So (he/him) is a product architect and strategist, digital experience futurist, innovation lead, designer/developer advocate, three-time SXSW speaker, and author of Voice Content and Usability (A Book Apart, 2021), Gatsby: The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly, 2021), and Decoupled Drupal in Practice (Apress, 2018). He has been a programmer since 1999, a web developer and designer since 2001, a creative professional since 2004, a CMS architect since 2007, and a voice designer since 2016. A product leader at Oracle, Preston has led product, design, engineering, and innovation teams since 2015 at Acquia, Time Inc., and Gatsby. Preston is an editor at A List Apart, a columnist at CMSWire, and a contributor to Smashing Magazine and has delivered keynotes around the world in three languages. He is based in New York City, where he can often be found immersing himself in languages that are endangered or underserved. Follow Preston online Preston.So Twitter LinkedIn email: preston dot so atsign oracle dot com Video Here’s the video version of our conversation: Podcast intro transcript This is the Content Strategy Insights podcast, episode number 105. Our customers and users need content in many different settings, and they consume it on a constantly growing number of devices. Omnichannel strategy is the new business method for dealing with this growth of communications channels and content-consumption modes. Preston So is an expert in both omnichannel strategy and in voice interaction design, one of the new user experience practices that has arisen to address these content strategy challenges. Interview transcript Larry: Hi, everyone.