Productivity and Efficiency for Creatives


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Authors Joy E. Rancatore and Mea Smith set out on a mission to understand productivity and efficiency and how to better harness each for their creative endeavors. What they discovered was that they disagreed with the common use of productivity vs. efficiency and found the conjunction “and” to be a much nicer—and more accurate—joiner. In true QWERTY style, Joy and Mea set up some QWERTY definitions for each of these words and took it a step further to identify a third category that greatly affects efficiency—and therefore, productivity. They call these “outlying factors” and examine what they are and how they can alter output for creatives. This episode sets up the foundation for a following series on Efficiency Hacks for Creatives, which will begin with an episode full of hacks specific to these outlying factors. Check out the links that either influenced or were mentioned in the episode: Ben Mulholland, “Productivity vs. Efficiency”: James Clear, “The Productivity Guide”: Tony Robbins’ Team, “What Is Productivity?”: Jeff Goins, “5 Productivity Hacks for Creative Writers”: Joanna Penn, “Productivity for Writers”: QWERTY Writing Life Podcast, Season 3, Episode 1, “Maximizing Creative Time”: QWERTY Writing Life Podcast, Season 2, Episode 18, “Caring for Your Creative Trinity”: If you want to stay in the know and help influence future episodes, subscribe to the monthly QWERTY Writing Life newsletter: Intro music created and performed by Brent Smith. Continue this week’s chat via email at qwertywritinglife [at] gmail [dot] com. For more information about us, the show and our writing craft book series, head over to Subscribe in your favorite podcast portal. Or, if you’d rather see our grinning faces, ring the bell on our YouTube channel. Please share our podcast with your friends, too! For more about Mea and her writing, visit Joy and her details can be found at