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Common Sense


Well my friend, there has been a plethora of information on the inter-web about several conspiracies.First things first, let us Define the word conspiracy.A conspiracy is an agreement to perform together an illegal wrongful or subversive Act.So they're not you have what conspiracy means.Now let us define the word theoryA set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenom manam, especially one that has been repeatedly tested or is widely accepted and can be used to make predictions about natural phenomenon.I'm bringing the two words together, conspiracy theory, that means a hypothesis alleging that the members of a coordinated group are and or were secretly working together to commit illegal or wrongful actions including attempting to hide the existence of the group and its activities. And notable cases the hypothesis contradicts the mainstream explanation for historical or current events.So why do we bring up definitions, English 101? Because I have heard so much about Q, adrenochrome, and the hidden tunnels and children all around the world being trafficked for the elite.Now being the seeker of truth that I am, I've done a little deep diving into some of these issues and found some very interesting facts.(THETRUTH)Let us start with Adrenochrome.adrenochrome is a compound formed by the oxidation of adrenaline. Its main medical use is to slow blood loss by promoting clotting in open wounds. It’s available for purchase online by researchers, with most outlets stating its source is synthetic and its uses are the inhibition of COMT (which deactivates certain neurotransmitters), and the synthesis of prostaglandins (fats involved with blood clotting).According to Wikipedia:Several small-scale studies (involving 15 or fewer test subjects) conducted in the 1950s and 1960s reported that adrenochrome triggered psychotic reactions such as thought disorder and derealization.[3] Researchers Abram Hoffer and Humphry Osmond claimed that adrenochrome is a neurotoxic, psychotomimetic substance and may play a role in schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. Researchers have found that the cure for Adenal chrome poisoning is Vitamin B-3, also known as Niacin. So you see, the ingestion, or injection of adrenochrome actually could cause psychosis. There are other side effect to adrenochrome, like violent shaking, rashes, sensitivity to light (both physically and optically) hallucinations, and a lot more.Basically putting this neurotoxin in your body really is not a good thing.Nowhere in my research did I find any reference to it being a Fountain of Youth, or any form of a compound for longevity.Just like Cocain, it will kill you eventually, but I do suppose you will get a good high from it at first, then the more you take the harder it is to get high, until, well , over dose.(STUPID)Let us get back to the subject of the Pod cast, Q.I need to define queue first of all.A queue is a line of waiting people vehicles, or data and information for a computer.I am sure that you have heard that your data is waiting in the queue, or you are waiting in a queue, it's really just a line. So when it comes to the internet, Q is just information that is waiting to be disbursed. That's all it is about.Allow me to clarify the disinformation that is going on about the quote-unquote qanon.The actual label, Handel, name, is Q. Only Q. The Anon, is anonymous.The text messages that I have seen, are from Q. The server name is anonymous, Which is interesting as far as the internet services go nowadays.At this time in our development of the inter-web, we have made great Leaps and Bounds in software. There is free software out there that can back track an email address, a website address, or any kind of text message, to wherever the source is.Yep the real interesting thing here is that messages from Q, remain anonymous. They can't be tracked back to wherever Q is from, Which is quite curious.(SURELY)I know of only a few sources where the server comes back as anonymous. One is the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Another is the Central Intelligence Agency. The third and final one that I know of, is a US military intelligence.Server setups for these organizations need to be secure, and Anonymous. Otherwise information from these organizations could be Traced back to their servers, or computers of origin.How do I know all this, well because I'm a little bit of a computer tech,and in my younger days I had a friend that kept getting a virus from a particular software server somewhere in the world.I turned on my IP back search software, and lo and behold I found that he was being infiltrated through a computer, putting in terrible software that was blocking his computer from functioning, and threatening to arrest him and all kinds of crazy stuff, out of Czechoslovakia.We dealt with that situation and they no longer were sending him viruses.So I'm a little familiar with how to back Source or back search IP addresses yet I cannot back Source or back search an IP address for Q. Believe me, I have tried.Now I read a few articles on Wikipedia, and several of the lamestream media Outlets, saying that Q anon is a conspiracy theorist organization that, I am sorry but that is false and fake.Allow me to do a little fact check for them.(RUMBLE)The horrible attack on the Capitol building on the 6th of January, was foretold about 3 days earlier to the FBI by Q.The FBI thought this was valid enough of a threat to where they contacted the house leadership, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell and warned them of a possible threat. Of course we all know they ignored it until it was too late and we know what happened after that.So if someone's going to say that Q is an unreliable conspiracy theorist website, then why did the FBI, Homeland Security, and maybe the CIA take this information quite seriously. Not to mention the military was ready to act on a moment's notice.So the fact checks on the fact that Q is a conspiracy theorist; this independent fact Checker has found it to be false.As a matter of fact, Q has put out a few timelines in the past few years, that have shown the progress that we are going through, actually right now.One of the statements by Q is that all will be shown, and it does appear as of this date which is the 21st of February 2021, the truth is starting to come out.(MAKE MY DAY)I read a report this morning from a very reliable news source, that the Supreme Court will be hearing the six cases of voter fraud. They want to know what happened and why the Trump organization feels that this was a fraudulent election. Yes I said it was a frauded election.Also the State of Arizona is now issuing subpoenas and criminal charges for malfeasance against the Department of Elections in Maricopa County Arizona. Because they have failed to supply the computers, and the ballots, and the ballot counting machines for a forensic audit.What is Maricopa County Hiding?Also in the latest of the news, the state of Michigan legislature has ordered a complete and total forensic audit of the Detroit area for all of their voting machines and ballots.Plus a federal court judge has also issued a statement saying that the election in Pennsylvania was fraudulent, due to the fact that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court made laws from the bench. In other words they were legislating from the bench, which is against the law and a violated the Pennsylvania state constitution.And now there's a democrat, in one of the Midwest northern states that is claiming voter fraud because they did not win their election.(BABY CRYING)You don't get it both ways folks, you can either say yes there was voter fraud we need to investigate it, or in the case of the Democrats know there was no voter fraud you lost fairly and squarely. They is supposed to be equal justice under the law as prescribed by the Constitution of the United States, you do not get a two tiered legal system.So as you see things are rolling along, and maybe just maybe we will get to the bottom of this voter fraud, but all of this was predicted by this entity called QNow I've been around for a while, and I will tell you this, the first time I heard about you, was about 16 years ago. It was during the George W bush Administration.In those days we didn't have things like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, things like that. If they were there at that time they were very low-key not everybody was on them and you had to fight around and find the information you were looking for.Sometimes you could find it; sometimes you couldn't. But the internet was not as extravagant and widespread as it is today. Yes most of the Millennials out there don't know this. They think The Internet's been around forever. It hasn't.(FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE)So I first heard about the Q as I said about 16 years ago or so, and I did some deep diving Research into it. And I looked here and I looked there and finally I was able to find some references and some little smidgets of data. All labeled Q.I saw these particular references to Obama even, and they seem to be right on the money. But what was I to do?So I stood back and watched and waited and observed and listened and did what I could do, exercise my rights as a voter, to try to get rid of some of the worst Administration decisions I've ever seen in my lifetime.The Obama administration now has the auspicious pleasure of being the second worst presidency ever, our current president, Joe Biden, if that's what he really is, is now the worst.So basically to close the subject down, Q has been around for quite a while. And from some of the information that I have received, Q was actually created by the military to do Deep dive Research into our enemies all around the world, and to give us a warning of things that are about to happen that could disrupt our way of life, and destroy