Questions from India about Japan | Japancasting Podcast | Ep_15


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JAPANCASTING with Steve McCarty


Questions from India about Japan | Japancasting Podcast | Ep_15 - BLOG LINK

Another half-hour like Episode 8 about what India and other countries can learn from Japan. Parveen Sharma says, “Today we are here to interview Prof Steve again and get his insightful, thought-provoking, and experienced observations on various questions… Prof Ramesh Sharma has been one of the founders of this project and… He has shared some questions and observations”:1.How does Japan maintain religious harmony? 2. What makes the Japanese so punctual in terms of time management? 3. What has made Japan a technology leader, as the society freely uses tech devices for daily life activities? 4. Japan is a great combo example of natural beauty and technology giant industries. How is this balance maintained? 5. Japan is a geriatric society. What values are the younger generations provided with that they respect their seniors? 6. Japan's education system focuses on "manners first before knowledge". How does the Japanese Education System build this character in its students? 7. What do you have to say about English Language Teaching and Learning in Japan... How do they see this language?

For much further information, the first and last answers refer to the popular new book A Passion for Japan: A Collection of Personal Narratives. Steve’s chapter "Discovering Japanese Fusion of Religions on the Pilgrimage Island of Shikoku" can be freely accessed at – embed link to: - or ResearchGate  – embed link to: