Random Talk with Majed Episode 1


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Random Talk with Majed


In the podcast we discuss the following topics: -Is there a way to judge a universal good or bad? -Is there anything that is "off limits" when it comes to adaptations and remakes? -Are source material fans right when judging a movie? -Is there originality in Hollywood? -Discussion of Attack on Titan The questions/topics we've received are: -Pacific rim 2 getting a sequel and what we expect -Thoughts on Army of Darkness 2 -Sex -Is DC going to be good competition to Marvel? Clips and music used in this podcast are not owned by myself, it's used simply for the purposes of entertainment. Facebook: www.facebook.com/majedashourofficial Twitter: @majedashour Geek On! Radio Show: cod.ckcufm.com/programs/444/index.html?filter=all (Host Name: Kiernan Mac)