Ray Abruzzo, Actor, “My New Man Crush”


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My new man crush, actor @rayabruzzo Ray Abruzzo, has a career that spans many decades, beginning with theater as a young man in high school in New York City.  He fearlessly opened the first scene in his first play in school , and it felt right to him, something clicked.  Filled with inspiration, he and his friends created theater collectives and produced plays in and out of school.  He worked a full-time job to support his theater habit, but when he was presented with a major health scare, Ray felt the need to make a significant change - that change led him to television shows like: Dynasty, Night Court, LA Law, The  Sopranos, and Transparent, and much more. I love Ray’s story and his love of acting. He’s a wise soul with some great advice, and his ideas  about getting or not getting roles is funny and refreshing.  Hope you enjoy my conversation with good human, Ray Abruzzo.