Recapping State of Play and a New Bioshock! - PvA Radio Episode 69...nice


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On this week's episode of PvA Radio, the guys are talking Bioshock, State of Play, and video game rentals. Luke's Topic: Sony recently showed their latest state of play, complete with new announcements and gameplay trailers. The guys break down the announcements and give a State of the State of Play address. Articles used in this topic: []( Larry's Topic: Redbox recently announced that they are dissolving their video game rental service. The gang reads the tea leaves to talk about where renting and demos fit in today's all digital gaming landscape. Articles used in this segment: []( Cody's Topic: 2k games announced their new studio, Cloud Chamber, has a new Bioshock game in the works. Cody, Larry, and Luke discuss where Bioshock fits in the modern gaming landscape and what the franchise needs to do to be successful. Articles used in this segment: - []( - []( - []( Join our discord server! []( * Watch us live at []( * Follow Cody on Twitter: []( * Follow Larry on Twitter: []( * Follow Luke on Twitter: []( * Follow the podcast on Twitter: []( -- Watch live at