Reclaiming Control in Uncontrollable Times With Simon Skipper


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In Episode 27, Simon & I go over accepting your outside environment, how to reclaim control of your body, your mind, your focus and your language. We go over practicing loving awareness(exercise included) of whatever emotions arise, observing & accepting your emotions vs controlling them. We discuss how to manage your expectations in this unique time and more. Simon Skipper is the CEO of Skipper Photography, keynote speaker, certified coach from Emographics & Tony Robbins Mastery University, entrepreneur, world traveler and founder of The F.I.R.E. Method. Simon has won multiple national and international awards for his documentary photography work and photographed everything from the refugee crisis to astronauts and the Queen's birthday. He has been the co-author of several books in the bestselling Startup Guide series and a successful entrepreneur for 10 years, featured on stages and in an array of podcasts and articles. He credits his success and growth largely to his regular work with mentors, coaches and Mastermind groups, as well as to thousands of hours spent in personal development work and adventures in +60 countries. Simons Instagram: --- Send in a voice message: