Relatively Speaking Podcast Episode 125


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Gone Elsewhere


As we prepare our good-byes for 2017, Jared dedicates this episode of the Relatively Speaking Podcast to his five most important NBA storylines from the past year, as well as the five things he's most excited for in 2018. The Golden State Warriors won their second championship in three seasons, but was it a big deal? Why don't people like Kevin Durant anymore? Who are the league's new must-watch stars?  Jared covers these topics, heart-wrenching break-ups, and also, happily, leaves the Phil Jackson/Carmelo Anthony Knicks in 2017. For the future, we look at reasons we won't see the Cavs and Warriors meet up again in the NBA Finals, both in 2018 and beyond. Will there by a blockbuster trade? If so, this episode looks at the candidates for relocation. And don't worry, Lavar Ball gets a shout-out as well. As always, you can follow Jared on Twitter at @JMintzhoops, and subscribe to the Relatively Speaking Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher.?