(REPLAY) Notes to Self 52... Lesson 11 with Malane Shani


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Get Your Entire Life


Previously Recorded Episode Join Malane Shani the Love Goddess for a replay of Episode 21 of Get Your Entire Life. This week’s theme on Get Your Entire Life was Momentum Monday, where we featured inspiration and motivation for your month. Our "U" Topic for this episode was Notes to Self 52... Lesson 11 with Malane Shani, and we discussed the impact of self-hatred and how we can deepen our self-love to support us in creating our heart's desires. This episode is based on Lesson 11 in Malane Shani’s book, “Notes to Self: 52 Years, 52 Lessons.” Here are some questions you can ask yourself to prepare for the show:  1. What do you love the most about yourself? Is this particular trait or quality seen or validated by others--and if not, how does that make you feel? 2. How deeply do you allow yourself to love yourself at this current moment? What do you think needs to be forgiven, shifted or let go of to allow a deeper love? 3. How do you react when receiving compliments and validation? 4. Do you feel pressured to maintain an image of positivity of self-love? If so, how do you deal with this pressure?   Reach out to the Love Goddess Malane Shani at getyourentirelife@gmail.com.  Malaneshani.com     Aununiversity.com