(REPLAY) The Sage Men: Initiating the Divine Masculine


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Get Your Entire Life


Previously Recorded Episode  Join Malane Shani the Love Goddess for a replay of Episode 11 of Get Your Entire Life. July was Men's Empowerment month on the show. Our theme this month was "Men Tap In... Celebrating the Men that Move Us" and our "U" Topic for this episode was "The Sage Men: Initiating the Divine Masculine" featuring special guest Manifest Ra who will be discussing The Sage Men, a sacred manhood community, and his work in activating and supporting men in their healing journey.    Here are some questions you can ask yourself to prepare for the show:  1. What role do men play in your life? Are they confidants, supporters, protectors? 2. Are you holding space for the men in your life to show up in their power and divinity or are you holding space for toxicity? 3. Are you allowing yourself to be supported by the opposite sex using generosity and reciprocity? 4. What practices and tools do you use to activate your divine feminine and/or divine masculine?  Reach out to the Love Goddess Malane Shani at getyourentirelife@gmail.com.  Malaneshani.com     Aununiversity.com