(REPLAY) The Superwoman Myth


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Get Your Entire Life


Previously Recorded Episode.    Join Malane Shani the Love Goddess for a replay of Episode 22 of Get Your Entire Life. This week’s theme was the Goddess Garden where we feature women who are making the world more beautiful with their gifts, talents and abilities. Our "U" Topic for this episode was the Superwoman Myth, and we did a deep dive into the Red Table Talk discussion with Alicia Keys that aired on Facebook Watch. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to prepare for the show:  1. Do you believe it is possible for women to be strong while also being vulnerable, emotional or transparent? If so, what is your Proof of Life? 2. Are you trying to fix or change the world and other people? Is that working for you? 3. Does your family, friends or significant other put you on a pedestal? If so, how does that make you feel? 4. Are you succumbing to other people's expectations? What impact do you think that has had on your life?   Reach out to the Love Goddess Malane Shani at getyourentirelife@gmail.com.  Malaneshani.com     Aununiversity.com