Retro Mating Habits! Ep. 52 (Paris/The Business 2014)


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Mating Habits of the Modern Geek


I'm outside the contiguous United States this week, so it's the perfect opportunity for a Retro Episode, picked by the Weather Witch herself, Paris!  Here's one from back in 2014 when I could record episodes in a child-free kitchen and I was full of anger and rage...the good old days ;) We're back, recording from the home studio (or kitchen - whatevs) of Paris and The Business, LLC! Apparently, I'm the only person in the whole wide world who eats Brach's candy corn pumpkins, which can't possiby be true. Additionally, we were all terrible at summer camp, IMDB doesn't mean what Kevin thinks it means, and Paris learns what a grundle is, and is forever changed. Kevin breaks down the question of Looks vs Personality by comparing it to Random Encounters vs Boss Battles in video games.  The better looking folks may have more random encounters, but good personalities can get you to the boss battles, which are the one's with the best "item drops." Oh, and The Business is the "Quiet Storm" for no reason whatsoever. We flip tables over bad planning, media haters, and The Red Pill movement, like you do