Roundtable discussion: Immersive Entertainment and Real World Impact • Part 3


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Immersion Nation Podcast


Welcome to the 3rd and final part of this roundtable discussion on immersive entertainment and it impacts on the real world.Joining us we have Caroline Murphy, Chief Creative Officer of Incantrix Productions. Jessica Creane, founder of IKANTKOAN Games. Justin Fyles, Co-founder and Managing Director of Any One Thing. And Risa Puno, creator of The Privilege of Escape and Creative Time’s first open call artist.In this episode, we push out to the edges of reality and ask the question… What happens when we’re all creating immersive experiences for -and with- each other? When the line between the hyperreal and the surreal begins to blur into daily life?I should say, it might be a little tricky to jump in here if you haven’t heard part 1 and or part 2 because here, the concrete cadence of the conversation begins to transmute into the white-hot liquid theory around this increasingly immersive world we live in. Last time, we left off wondering how empathy, of all things, could be a destructive force. Well now, we talk about that- and how to avoid it. How to lend yourself to a shared moment in a way that respects the unimaginable experience of another person. All that, and so much more.Selected Links:Caroline MurphyIncantrix ProductionsInstagramFacebookTwitterSinking Ship CreationsCalculationsJessica CreaneIKANTKOAN GamesInstagramTwitterFacebookJustin FylesAny One ThingSouvenirInstagramTwitterFacebookRisa PunoThe Privilege of EscapeInstagram TwitterVimeo