S1: E12 - Jaycee Lee Dugard / Russell & Shirley Dermond


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Between the Crimes

True Crime

Welcome back to Between the Crimes for another set of true crime stories! We appreciate our listeners being patient with us while we get the hang of this whole podcast, and we want to thank each and every listener for joining us. You guys all mean the world to us. Today, Celia's story is one that many people may know, and that is the kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard. Jaycee was kidnapped right in front of classmates and her stepfather and was missing for years. Her return made national headlines, but many of you may not know the whole story. Brace yourself - this story involves the sexual assault of minors.   Jenna tells an unsolved mystery about an adorable elderly couple who is murdered in cold blood in Georgia. There are many, many theories about what might have happened to Shirley & Russell, and we're going to talk about most of them. We need all of our armchair detectives to help us understand what went on in the Dermond home on that fateful weekend.   Want EARLY ACCESS to our podcast episodes, extra content, behind the scenes photos, and private messages for case suggestions? Become a Patreon subscriber today!   Enjoy our podcast? Join our conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!