S19E8 - Building The Ultimate Bad Place SummerSlam Card [Summertime Radness]


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Final Wrestling Place Podcast


Sun's out... fun's out! Season 19 is all all Good Place season where we talk about some of the most fun and memorable pieces of wrestling history in our Summertime Radness season!It's our favorite time of the season where we get to do mental gymnastics to build the Ultimate Bad Place Summerslam card! One match from each Summerslam to be used! Titles can only be used once! Wrestlers can only be used once! Does the baddest of the bad make the cut? Tune in to see!Share your #GoodPlaceMoment and #BadPlaceMoment of the week or slide into our DMs for any show topics you'd like for us to cover!www.twitter.com/FinalPlacePodCheck out when we built the Ultimate Good Place Wrestlemania card in lieu of our topic next week!https://www.buzzsprout.com/1832176/episodes/8990689Final Wrestling Place is a proud member of the Soon To Be Named Network! Listen to all the entertainment we provide by going to soontobenamednetwork.com/ or follow the network on Twitter at twitter.com/STBNNetwork!Get your Soon To Be Named Network merch thanks to TeePublic! Check out our designs at tinyurl.com/LongboxHeroes!Check out our other podcast over at the North-South Connection - Viewer's Choice!www.twitter.com/VConNorthSouthWant to know where you can follow the show? We've got you here!