S2 02 Healthy habits for ERP system implementation, Part 1


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Value Added Talk


Consultancy Solutions team members Emma and Juraj join Jacek, Sylvia and Rob to talk ERP systems, how to make sure your company’s next implementation goes as smoothly as possible and why the tax element should not be overlooked. This two-part episode covers: What an ERP system is How to best approach an implementation project and minimise the complexity, especially across multiple jurisdictions Why you shouldn’t overlook the tax element Key ERP system implementation do’s and don’ts Considerations when working with an implementation partner. Short on time? Skip ahead: 00:01 Intro 00:50 Lockdown life and Rob’s new healthy habits 02:29 COVID-19: how governments around the world are supporting businesses. Learn more about the various relief schemes here 06:49 Today’s episode topic: healthy habits for ERP system implementation with guests, Emma Kerton and Juraj Maholanyi 07:20 What is an ERP system? 08:34 Who within the business needs to be involved? 09:28 Main issues that can arise 12:09 Mapping out system requirements, processes and building an implementation framework 14:58 Why ERP system implementations can fail – and how to make sure they don’t 17:23 Considerations when working with an implementation partner CREDITS Your hosts are: Jacek Szufan, Sylvia Petkova and Rob Hutchinson Producer: Carlie Bonavia Theme music: Roulette Wheel by JAM Studio, purchased from Shutterstock Music. Value Added Talk is a production of TMF Group.