S2 02 Healthy habits for ERP system implementation, Part 2


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Value Added Talk


Learn about the tax-specific elements of ERP projects to get right, especially for multi-country rollouts, and some key project do's and dont's. Short on time? Skip ahead: 00:01 Intro 00:31 Why you need a tax specialist involved in ERP implementation projects 03:35 Tax-specific elements to get right, especially for multi-country rollouts 08:22 Key do’s and don’ts, from data gathering to process review and local accounting and tax rules 12:48 Building in local compliance requirements and the testing phase 16:01 The “unknown unknowns” 17:26 Expectation versus reality: how to prevent system “gaps” appearing later 19:10 Pros and cons to legacy processes 20:28 Process owner responsibilities 22:40 ERP implementation timeframes 24:02 Outro CREDITS Your hosts are: Jacek Szufan, Sylvia Petkova and Rob Hutchinson Producer: Carlie Bonavia Theme music: Roulette Wheel by JAM Studio, purchased from Shutterstock Music. Value Added Talk is a production of TMF Group.