S2 03 What’s making the CFO’s life more difficult?


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Value Added Talk


Jacek, Sylvia and Rob dive into the LinkedIn listener-voted topic of global accounting and tax trends with guest Pavlo Boyko, accounting and tax global solution architect at TMF Group. Learn how COVID-19 has impacted the accounting environment and broader business landscape, and what additional tasks are piling up on the CFO’s desk. The team also discuss the key trends and findings of the 2020 Global Business Complexity Index. Short on time? Skip ahead: 00:01 Intro 07:19 How COVID-19 is affecting CFOs and the finance function 14:14 Moving to a centralised finance and accounting model – pros and cons to consider 18:47 Global Business Complexity Index 2020 – what this year’s findings mean for financial compliance 25:18 Modernisation versus tradition – what old accounting practices should we let go? 28:15 Technology versus simplification – recent advancements and what’s next 32:33 How the role of the accountant is starting to merge with that of an IT professional and others 34:53 What these global accounting and tax trends mean for cross-border businesses ** LINKS ** A comprehensive list of COVID-19 government support schemes for businesses worldwide Podcast episode that Pavlo mentions: Digitisation is taking over the tax world, are you ready? Want to weigh in on future episode topics? Follow us on LinkedIn or drop us an email: Podcast@tmf-group.com CREDITS Your hosts are Jacek Szufan, Sylvia Petkova and Rob Hutchinson  Producer: Carlie Bonavia Theme music: Roulette Wheel by JAM Studio, purchased from Shutterstock Music. Value Added Talk is a production of TMF Group.