S2 06 Navigating indirect taxes across the world


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Value Added Talk


Do you know where you’re able to sell goods or services without establishing an entity? Or which jurisdictions make bad debt relief available to your business? Pavlo Boyko returns (and trades places with Jacek for this episode), as the team discuss the effect of indirect tax rules and regulations on market attractiveness. Download the Global Guide to Indirect Taxes. Related: Digital Services Tax - a necessary evil? Short on time? Skip ahead: 00:01 Pavlo in the driver’s seat 03:35 How indirect taxes have been used in pandemic times 07:50 What’s in the Global Guide to Indirect Taxes and what countries does it cover? 12:58 VAT registration, entity establishment, import taxes, duties and more areas that international businesses should consider 15:40 The most important questions for finance leaders focused on cost-cutting and revenue generation 18:30 A key import tax consideration for both big and small businesses selling goods 24:05 VAT recovery – why businesses shouldn’t just let it slide 27:43 Digital services taxes and why it’s an area of taxation to watch 34:55 Outro ** CREDITS ** Episode hosts: Jacek Szufan, Rob Hutchinson and Sylvia Petkova Producer: Carlie Bonavia Theme music: Roulette Wheel by JAM Studio, purchased from Shutterstock Music Value Added Talk is a production of TMF Group.