S2 - EP 4 Guest: Danny Gray founder of War Paint for Men, Contestant on Dragon's Den


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In Bed With Neil Moodie


In this episode my guest is Danny Gray founder of War Paint for Men. Danny grew up just outside of London and began to suffer from body dysmorphic disorder in his early teenage years. On leaving school he went from creating his own bouncing castle hire company to becoming a travelling salesman, until his mental health issues manifested and began to get in the way. After taking time to try and deal with them he decided to start a men’s make-up line, based on the fact, from a teenager he wore make-up himself to cover up teenage spots. In this interview Danny talks about his early personal struggles, how he deals with them and how he’s gone on to create one of the newest, fastest growing, influential brands the beauty industry has seen in a while, plus he shares his experience about appearing on the BBC TV’s Dragons Den. Check out War Paint for Men on the website https://warpaintformen.com