S3E02: The math teacher that changed my life w/ Ewa Kasinska


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Math Therapy


It is no exaggeration to say that this podcast (and Vanessa’s entire career in math education) would not exist if she hadn't crossed paths with superhero math teacher Ewa Kasinska in high school. Today, Ewa spills the tea on what Vanessa was like as a 17-year-old, how she managed to turn a math-hater into a Math Guru, and what the media gets wrong about teachers, and she also shares her fave tips for teachers on how to engage, inspire, and excite even the most skeptical students.  Ewa also came VERY prepared, and the conversation starts out basically like an episode of Ellen with a blast from Vanessa’s past!About EwaEwa Kasinska is a mathematics tutor, teacher, and principal who provides support in ways which ensure each student's success. Whether a student wishes to maintain high results, or has often struggled with the subject, Ewa knows how to help. She explains “how” and “why”, not simply guides towards solutions. You can find her at www.mathwitheva.caConnect with us:Vanessa Vakharia: @themathguru (Insta, Twitter, TikTok)Math Therapy: @maththerapy (Twitter)Transcript for today’s episode: www.maththerapypodcast.com