s5 ep 174 - Season 5 Finale


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Mitch and Dimitri start off the podcast talking about Dimitri's (lack of) punctuality. From there the boys move right into Sports trying to wrap it all up in this years season finale. MLB - All Star Improvements NHL - The Kuch is King EURO CUP - Forza Azzuri TENNIS - Let's call a G.O.A.T a G.O.A.T UFC - What next? NBA - The Finals MAGA vs MALAKA - Things to do with no RLRT Also in the Episode :  QUICK PICK 6 - RAPID BANTER  Intro:  @caleb.moh https://open.spotify.com/artist/6hMbMqBJiAxEbEDYvW3Hiw?si=Pi-OP11iSVSmLFeIomHr9Q   Follow Us:  YouTube: Real Locker Room Talk TV Twitter: @RLRTpodcast Instagram: @RLRTpodcast Facebook: Real Locker Room Talk