s5 ep171 - The Evil Eye


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Real Locker Room Talk Podcast


Mitch and Dimitri start the podcast reminiscing about going to community parties as kids all the way to sleazy men of the cloth!  Throughout the podcast and as noted in the title, Mitch reveals his status as "Mati Mitch" - The ultimate Jinx man in sports!  NHL - It's only a game-a-way! BOXING - Summer Line Up - A date is a date NCAA - A Supreme opinion NBA - Big Games, Big Finshes! UEFA - Round of 16 MAGA vs MALAKA - Unwritten Rules Also in the Episode :  QUICK PICK 6 - RAPID BANTER  Intro:  @caleb.moh https://open.spotify.com/artist/6hMbMqBJiAxEbEDYvW3Hiw?si=Pi-OP11iSVSmLFeIomHr9Q   Follow Us:  Twitter: @RLRTpodcast Instagram: @RLRTpodcast Facebook: Real Locker Room Talk