s5 ep173 - In Your House


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Real Locker Room Talk Podcast


Mitch and Dimitri start the podcast talking about the 1 in a billion chance of the photo that emerged from the @WWEnetwork Instagram page involving Dimitri, his brother and South Carolina George! NHL - Champa Bay! NBA - The Finals EURO CUP -Fish & Chips vs The Pizza PGA - A little marketing never hurt TENNIS - Chasing glory UFC - McGregor vs Poirier 3 MAGA vs MALAKA - Pet names Also in the Episode :  QUICK PICK 6 - RAPID BANTER  Intro:  @caleb.moh https://open.spotify.com/artist/6hMbMqBJiAxEbEDYvW3Hiw?si=Pi-OP11iSVSmLFeIomHr9Q   Follow Us:  YouTube: Real Locker Room Talk TV Twitter: @RLRTpodcast Instagram: @RLRTpodcast Facebook: Real Locker Room Talk