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“By All the Statistics, I Should be Dead”  It is a miracle that Dr. Michael McKay, Assistant Professor of Biblical Theology, is teaching at Cedarville this fall.   On June 19, 2021, Dr. McKay wasn’t feeling right, but figured he could walk off the odd aches and pains he was experiencing in his throat and back. But when his left leg went numb, the alarm bells went off. Knowing that leg numbness can be a symptom of stroke, Dr. McKay and his wife, Lee-Ann, went immediately to Greene Memorial Hospital.  After the CT scan of his chest, doctors knew he was in the middle of a serious health crisis – he had a dissected aorta. He was taken by ambulance to Kettering Medical Center in Kettering, Ohio, for emergency surgery.   After 10 ½ hours in the operating room with cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Peter Pavlina and his team, along with the constant prayers of friends, family, and church family here and all around the world, Dr. McKay came out repaired and changed.   “I’m in the bonus round,” he shared with Cedarville Public Relations. “By all the statistics, I should be dead. This is why the doctors said it’s a miracle. Every medical professional in my family or who is a friend of mine, when they heard what happened before they heard about the success of the surgery, many of them told me they did not think they would have seen me again until the presence of the Lord.” …………. Dr. McKay last appeared on the Cedarville Stories podcast in February 2020 when he shared about training Russian church leaders and visiting the Holy Lands with Cedarville students, including his children, Alexis, Andrew, and Katherynn.