Safety and Efficiency in Pharmaceutrical Packaging - with Alagu Subramaniam


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The Covid-19 pandemic has tested the resources of the pharmaceutical supply chain to deliver medicines and vaccines. Ensuring safe delivery at an unprecedent scale posed several challenges to packaging solution providers.

In an exclusive conversation with Dr. Rangaprasad, Mr. Alagu Subramaniam, Managing Director of West Pharmaceutical Packaging India Pvt Ltd, explains how in close collaboration with other supply chain partners, they ensured uninterrupted supply of pharmaceutical essentials.

Mr. Subramaniam also alludes to the pivotal role, companies like West are going to play in the future.

About Mr Alagu Subramaniam

Mr Alagu Subramaniam AR is the Managing Director - India of West Pharmaceuticals. Alagu is responsible for managing the overall West activities in India. His duties include successfully starting a subsidiary of West in India and planning commercial as well as operational strategies to strengthen West’s presence in the Indian market. He has successfully recruited and trained teams and has supported growth opportunities.

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