Sales, Reffing, and Lively Golf and Country Club - Max Kallio


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Hello and welcome back to another episode of Sudbury Stories- your feel-good news of Sudbury! Today, David is joined by Max Kallio! Max Kallio! Max was born and raised in Lively- a place where he thinks is becoming a more and more desirable place to be living! He graduated from Laurentian University is 2012 and began his professional career at Palladino Honda where he worked as a sales and lease consultant. After a while, he began to self-reflect on what he wanted out of life and decided it was time for him to move on to something bigger! He now has a career in medical sales at Sunrise Medical. Outside of that, he is the serves on the board of directors at the Lively Golf and Country Club! It shouldn't be surprising to hear that he is the longest-serving board member as of right now considering his love for golf began when he was 10! Further, he also refs for junior and university hockey! In this episode, he talks about how he picked up reffing, Tiger Woods, his passion for golf, where he would like for the match tournament, the expansion of Lively, AND SO MUCH MORE. So tune in, and enjoy this VERY fun episode of Sudbury Stories!