Sarah Lewis - UWT Diving and Adventure Podcast 11 August 2020


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Underwater Tribe Podcast


Sarah Lewis is the founder and driving force behind the Indonesian Manta Project . Sarah has been heavily involved in manta ray research in Indonesia since 2010. Her work has encompassed creating new marine protected areas as well as Indonesia establishing a nation wide plan of protection for these amazing animals???She spends a lot of time mentoring young Indonesian students and researchers who are interested in working in the field. This has led to her latest project, the Thrive Foundation. Learn all about Sarah’s work in a fascinating interview. Connect with Sarah: Instagram ?indonesianmantaproject Coming up live soon Stay tuned ? ❗ The Underwater Tribe Community of Photography and Filmmaking Enthusiasts. You can support the Underwater Tribe Team during this crisis by buying us a coffee - here are the links (VISA or MASTERCARD only ) ☕️ Single Espresso (Approximately USD$3.00) ☕️ Double Espresso (Approximately USD$6.00) ? Espresso Martini (Approximately USD$10.00) Or choose your donation using our PayPal link: Thanks for your Support ??? Connect with us: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: All of our music is from Artlist, a great library of royalty free music you can use on any project. Please use the link below to sign up for what we believe is the best source of audio for all of your needs.