SBE061 - Rob Brown - How to Build an outstanding Reputation and Have Powerful Connections


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Show Notes In today’s show we interview Rob Brown who is a dynamic business speaker on building connections and reputation for greater influence and career opportunities. He is the bestselling author of “How to Build Your Reputation” and according to LinkedIn, is the most recommended networking expert in the world. A featured TED speaker, Rob is founder of the Networking Coaching Academy, a successful online networking training platform. He trains and coaches clients on business networking, partnerships, communicating, relationships, influence, trust, likeability, personal branding, reputation and just getting in front of more of the right people! With his wife and two daughters, he lives in Nottingham, has a black belt in kickboxing and plays four musical instruments moderately well!   Also in the show Here’s just a few things you learn; Rob explains his unique perspective on networking and relationship with the analogy, “Is the juice worth the squeeze”. Learn Rob’s counterintuitive clean the closet tactic for building deeper more meaningful relationships that will lead to unlimited opportunities (Tune in at the 10 min mark) Discover how Rob multiplied his income by a factor of 15 in less than 13 months having spent the previous 2 years networking the wrong way. Rob explains his deftly simple model for making an impact in your chosen community, so the synergy between your network and reputation grow in tandem. Rob reveals the pivotal moment that changed his career when his wife shared her words of wisdom that made him finally realise what he had to do in order to be successful, and this is probably almost true for you if you’ve yet to reach the dizzy heights of success you have set for yourself. Rob shares why 90% of people doing networking fail and fall flat on the face and are committing financial business suicide by cocking this one thing up in establishing a relationship. If you can get this one element right you’ll wonder why you weren’t doing it previously. Rob shares why you should never build a business on the sinking sand model, as this normally results in your business going in reverse (ignore this advice at your peril) Would you like to know the secret to getting a lucrative book deal with the world’s largest book publisher? Rob lays out exactly how to get book publishers interested in your book project. Hit play now to get even more elevating knowledge to soar you to higher heights of productivity and profitability. Success Quote Don’t count your conversations make your conversations count Your richest Resources are in your richest relationships “Good gets you in the game, Great  on the podium “ Recommend Resources The story Brand by Don Miller How to Build Your Reputation: The Secrets of Becoming the Go to Professional in a Crowded Marketplace by Rob Brown Connect Web – LinkedIn – Twitter –