SBE063 - Nick James - How to Run Profitable Events Seminar’s & Workshops"


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Small Business Elevation


Show Notes Following 7 years of helping hundreds of business owners write killer copy, grow their business and make more profit, Nick founded Seriously Fun Business. Nick is renowned for this strategic business mind and ability to sell and market basically anything to anyone. He could sell ice to an Eskimo or Water to a well – but advises these aren’t great business models… As well as dramatically changing the businesses he’s worked with, he’s sold literally tens of thousands of tickets and generated millions of pounds in sales from his live seminars and conferences… his biggest to date being the Small Business Success Festival with Frank Kern in June 2015. There were 800+ small business owners in attendance and the event generated over £500k. Safe to say, he knows what he’s talking about.   Also in the show Here’s just a few things you learn; Nicks shares what he believes the “Numero Uno” of success is. Whether you operate in the online or offline space, it comes down to the ability to c———- R——— with —– —. How to discover what your true passion is. This is what Nick learnt at the age of 12 attending his first personal development event with his mum. The naked truth of why events seminars and workshops should form part of your marketing regardless of sector (especially if you’re a coach or trainer). The tried and trusted way to hone your skills and hack your way to business success, this works in about every field. Providing you have two character traits found in most successful entrepreneurs. Listen to the amazing cases study of how one of Nicks clients in the Golf Niche earns six figure sums consistently from discovery day sessions. Simply by adding 3 little known secrets to the way these sessions are run. The No1 way to shine a light on your Business that generates leads and new business, that hands down beats writing a book, appearing on TV or Radio that has the ability to bring a surge of 6 figure cash on demand. Learn the 3 ways that may surprise you to minimise the risk of losing your shirt when putting on events (so you don’t have to pull money out of savings reserve fund). Nick articulates what every event promoter should be doing to get their event filled using Facebook paid adverting. This proven concept works like gangbusters (conversions are off the charts). Nick shares a personal cautionary tale of how to avoid event delivery that should act as a warning to avoid lost revenues, embarrassment, verbal and mental backlash. Hit play now to get even more elevating knowledge to soar you to higher heights of productivity and profitability. Success Quote People are the most important thing in business (JV partners, clients, employees) Recommend Resources #AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness Ask Gary Vee YouTube show Connect Web – LinkedIn – Facebook –