SBE065 - Scott Oldford - How to Take Advantage of Opportunities even if you think you’re not ready and Build An Extraordinary Business


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Small Business Elevation


Show Notes It was July 2013, and Scott was 21 and crying in his car… He just used his last gas card, after three failed companies and losing every dime he had and going HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars in debt. He’d had just about enough and that’s the moment it all changed for him. Fast forward just 14 months later and he built a company that did nearly $1 million in revenue. But as we all know, money isn’t everything. True Purpose is what he desired. Couple of quick facts: He’s gluten-free, eats the same thing every day and only has 2 pairs of jeans and 3 different shirts. Keeping it simple. In 2014 he hosted two #1 podcasts, launched a book called Connections that Count (that hit #1) and built an email list from 2,600 to 42,000 in less than 16 months. Funny what a bit of determination can do, right?   Also in the show Here’s just a few things you learn; Listen to Scott “Wiseman” Oldford breakdown his 3 mantras to use as a guide (These are slight left of centre and may send electro shock waves to the neo cortex of your brain). Scott reveals his never explained simple daily ritual you can use to keep moving towards success something his swears by if you’re bouncing back from the brink of failure. How to stop tormenting your yourself when it appears the competition are streets ahead of and get the cloud of doubt frustration or anxiety (fear not, there is an antidote to filter such head trash its ——– Hear How at Age 7 he was making make 20,000 dollars year using cute kid factor salesmanship distributing product door to door after attending school. Market Alert: Why understanding your market so intimately can lead to opportunity galore, if truly you get this golden nugget it allows you to corner the market and ——–/ ————— Discover the lesson Scott learned from his inner Geek personality, which led to Scott tinkering with computers to building two of the world’s largest online communities in completely different niches. How to avoid falling down on your ass when your reaching milestones in business especially when nominated for any kind of award and your ego might need to be kept in check, every serious entrepreneur should have one. Did you know the 7 prerequisites that will set you apart in the marketplace and give you unfair advantage. Revealed the smart hack process Scott developed to manage shortcomings and maximise on his strength, something after struggling with his learning disabilities. Why learning from the school of hard Knocks is the best way to build your (EIS) Emotional Immune System to conquer fear of failure syndrome. Hit play now to get even more elevating knowledge to soar you to higher heights of productivity and profitability. Success Quote If you’re going to rush anything, rush patients Iterate everything and plan for it to fail Your business should revolve around who you are Recommend Resources The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth: Entrepreneurship for Weirdos, Misfits, and World Dominators by Chris Brogan The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime! by M. J. DeMarco Connect Web – LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook –