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Looks like a lot of startup eCommerce start branding their business by using the following platforms to scale 6 figure;  Shopify, Woocommerce, or Amazon... But their profit margins are sadly between 1 - 10% Today I'm going to go over some critical points why you need an ecom funnel for your online store THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY YOU NEED A FUNNEL INSTEAD OF A WEBSITE > Offer > Sales message > Website/funnel functionality So let's start... #1 OFFER IS THE HOLY GRAIL 99% of the industry is doing this. Put a product online and pay for online ads and hope that they sell their stuff. That's why everyone is fighting over the same damn fish. What most ecom stores sell are just products. They look into what's the hottest "NICHE" to go into or How can I beat him on price. Well, let me tell you this. Dan Kennedy, The GODFATHER of direct response marketing, said it best "if you can’t be THE cheapest, there’s no benefit in being almost the cheapest" You'd rather be the most expensive then. In order to do that you have to STOP talking about price and start shifting towards providing VALUE. And create an unique OFFER that helps solve your client/customer's pain. (Cuz at the end we're all problem solvers) #2 YOUR SALES MESSAGE Your sales message comes second because without an offer you don't have anything to sell. Make sense right? Now we can split the sales message into two parts. - Landing page copy. This is the text after your prospect clicks on an ad and lands on. The copy should be incongruent with the ads that you show them prior to clicking. The LP should be going to hit the pain points of your prospect and where they currently are to what desired result they want to achieve. Your OFFER is just the bridge between their current situation and their desired situation. - Ad copy. The ad copy has 1 goal, which is to get people clicking on your ad. Look at some things(HOOKS) you can find in your offer or message to throw at your ideal prospect to get their attention. Let me finish this part with this... "10% off your first purchase" is NOT a hook ?. #3 FUNNEL/WEBSITE Don't just take my words for it, but even Shopify has posted that their conversion rates are between 1-3%. If you don't know what that means is that for every 100 people that come across your website, only 3 people convert to paying clients at best. What about the other 97? Yeah, I know already what you are screaming… RETARGETING. But let me ask you this Isn't it the whole purpose of a website to convert people into $$$ in your bank account? This is why you need a funnel. One of the main reasons why websites don't convert is because there are too many options on it, too many distractions. On the other hand, on a funnel, there is only 1 option. There is always 1 offer. (if done correctly) And before that, you capture people's emails and you don't have to retarget them with money anymore. But just with a press on a button. Thanks for listening,    Shanon Faneyte   P.S. I know that sales funnel and building a business in today's day & age can be confusing. What platforms should I use, can I build a product, how can I drive traffic? These are the questions I had in my beginning phase as well. But not long ago I joined a challenge where they go through everything you need to know to set up a successful business from scratch.   Wanna know more? Go to →